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Irrigators face 30pc water allocation cut after winter storms

But these measures are far from sufficient. A spokesman for RBS warned of the impacts of the drought on the NHS. "We've had to close some sites and make some closures at the moment as the local authority is trying to get its foot in the door, but it's a challenge and we're determined to continue," he said.

One of the areas which RBS is considering closing is Porthcawl Hospital, one of the UK's most visited hospitals.
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Baillieu accepts regional challenge for PMO

The federal government's top political appointee has accepted a challenge to succeed outgoing Liberal MP Michelle Rempel in the Liberal nomination for the upcoming municipal byelection.

Former Conservative MP for Moncton, Bob Baffé, is running against Liberal candidate John Rucas, the incumbent who is running as an independent to provide balance to the seat vacated by former prime minister Stephen Harper.

Baffé's entry in the race is a challenge to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who, Baffé believes, has little chance of winning the next election because the federal election is due to happen as early as next fall.

Rucas, the Liberal incumbent from the riding of Newmarket, has said the riding is already under-represented and that the new riding will be "open for the take" if the federal government is unwilling to change its seat allocation on May 27.

The Conservative candidate for Newmarket-Aurora-West, a former Conservative cabinet minister, is a retired colonel in the Canadian Forces, who served 10 years in the service and was awarded the Purple Heart.

Baffé, who is a former journalist, has long had a personal relationship with Baffé.

He joined Parliament in 2007 and was first elected in 2008 as a member of the defence committee.

Baffé described the municipal riding as a provincial stronghold for his party and said he will work with the government on the issue as he has done in the past with other issues, including the opioid crisis and a new health accord.

Baffé has also recently made a series of personal pleas for change to federal politics during Parliament Hill, most recently this week urging Trudeau to introduce a motion of "no confidence" in the Liberal leader over the Trudeau government's handling of Stephen Harper's leadership.

Rucas, Baffé's opponent in the NDP nomination in Moncton, has said his campaign is a "race to the bottom" against the incumbent, as the federal Tories are currently winning at the regional level.

He has had little success in the riding, but Rucas also has a history of standing up to Baffé, having campaigned against his father in the past as an Independent and on several occasions on his own behalf.

But a poll released Sunday by Global News suggested the federal Tory candidate was the most likely to be elected to the federal House of Commons in Moncton.

Baffé would represent the Liberal caucus in Quebec, where his party holds a 51 per cent to 40 per cent lead over the Conservative one.

There is also no national support for Baffé, who is currently sitting third in the race for Newmarket-Aurora
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